Westworld’s Curious Anti-Sexuality

The HBO show Westworld recently concluded its first season. A remake of the understated 70’s Michael Crichton film, the series effectively brings the concept of an “adult” theme park to the 21st century. However if the show were mere titillation and murder there would be little to praise here. Thankfully Westworld strikes out in a different direction. … More Westworld’s Curious Anti-Sexuality

The Leftovers: Faith vs Liberalism

  The Leftovers has captured my interest with its sensitive portrayal of nonbelievers attempting to grapple with a scenario seemingly straight out of Revelation. One progressive entertainment website proclaimed the show to be “…A Great Model For Coping With Other People’s Religion.” Ideologically The Leftovers is decidedly left-liberal, though not to the point of unpleasantness. Protagonists … More The Leftovers: Faith vs Liberalism

The Unlikely Redemption of True Detective Season Two

  Some time ago I watched HBO’s standalone season 2 of the murder mystery True Detective. Despite a lukewarm reaction from both critics and audiences for plot pacing and dialogue issues there was something about the story that stayed with me. The show is ostensibly about a murder being investigated by four “detectives,” a gangster, … More The Unlikely Redemption of True Detective Season Two

Batman v Superman: Exhausted Liberalism

In part II of Zack Snyder’s extended “Superman” origin story, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, an influential US Senator declares to the Man of Steel “In a democracy ‘good’ is a conversation, not a unilateral decision.” Allusions to Hillary Clinton and her “Let’s Have A Conversation” catchphrase aside, the presentation of this dialogue in … More Batman v Superman: Exhausted Liberalism